Lacking Regular Intimacy & Sex in Your Marriage?


Tired of all these?

👉🏿Are you always too tired for intimacy with your husband?

👉🏿Are you always cooking up different stories just to avoid sex?

👉🏿Are you suffering from constant waist pain (lol) just to avoid sex?

👉🏿Are you always faking orgasm?

👉🏿Are you always wishing you could do aerobics in bed?

👉🏿Do you experience pain during intercourse

👉🏿Do you have zero interest in the subject matter?

👉🏿Do you secretly wish your husband was a 40 seconds man? (just so he can hurry up?)

👉🏿Do you feel bad you’re not meeting up to your husband’s sexual needs?

👉🏿Do you wish you had a fairy god-mother who would teach you all you need to enjoy bedroom matters transactions?

👉🏿Are you willing to learn all the tricks in bed you possibly can?

👉🏿Are you wondering how to restore or rebuild all the excitement and fun back in your marriage and enjoy frequent mind-blowing sex?


If any of these sounds familiar to you, then I would like to introduce you to…

What Is This Challenge About?

This challenge is about helping queens boost their confidence, rediscover or improve their sexy charm, have and enjoy regular sexual intimacy with their kings.

This challenge will also help queens build fun activities with their kings, improve their sex life, help them understand the power of their mind, their sensuality, and how to arouse and keep themselves in the mood in readiness for explosive sex every single day IF they choose to.

I am going to show queens how to wield their God-given sexiness like a MAGIC WAND and get instant result!!!

This challenge has been proven to work over and over again! This is not an empty brag, it is TESTED and TRUSTED with over 500 queens who swear by it.

All it takes is a few easy daily tasks and you’ll start to see a huge difference within the first 3 days – and all for less than the price of pizza daily.


  • You harbour unresolved hurt towards your husband.  That needs to be sorted first before you can get results from this challenge.
  • You need a counselor to talk to concerning that hurt and how to move on, then fill a consultation form and we will reach you.


  • You want to learn how to keep things in the bedroom always steamy.

  • You are a wife and want to spice things up with your husband.

  • You are a wife and your sexual libido have gone down.

What You'll Learn

You will receive a minimum of 10 videos every 2 days with lessons and instructions.

Early Morning Sex

How to Always be Sexually Ready

How to Initiate Sex

How to Value & Take care of yourself

How to Give & Receive Erotic Massage

How to Value your King More

How to Give & Receive Oral Sex

How to Enjoy Sex

Dirty Talk, e.t.c.

Why Should You Get Revamped With Us?

There are so many reasons why you should join this challenge but here are the 3 key ones: 



We realize that marriage is hard work and intimacy as an important part of the happiness in marriage must be encouraged if those involved will truly say that they are close and in love. And happy homes light us up.



We don't just take your money, your satisfaction is our most priced asset and we will stop at nothing to see your desired result achieved. And that is why those who have gone through this program keep referring more people.



Unlike most programs out there, we keep tabs on you daily to make sure you are carrying out your tasks.
So if are the type that forgets or postpones things, that's not going to be your experience here.

Over 500 women have gone through with this challenge!

In about 13 months of doing this challenge, over 500 women have participated.

Some organize themselves in their groups and call me to give them exclusive package which is tailor made for their specific needs and this has been very rewarding. 


Your Investment

Early Bird _ N150,000/$300

Late Bird – N200,000/$400





What Other Wives Are Saying

"Hello my queen just want to appreciate you again for turning my relationship with my husband around after the last revamp me challenge it has been sweet all the way my husband looks for anything little reason to come home you have spiced things up between us and am happy to see the sparks of joy in his eyes when he comes home God continue to bless your home and the work you do". Queen Oge Lagos, Nigeria
Queen Oge
Lagos, Nigeria
After the revamp me challenge, my sex life totally change, my husband testify to it, 9 years of marriage I never initiate sex before until you thought me, I don't like to blow jo my husband but I learned that in revamp challenge the type of treatment and getting and respect now from my husband since the revamp challenge is still doing me magic, I usually see sex as work before but you bedroom matter change my mind towards that. I thank God that I come across you bedroom matter and also thank my friend that introduced me to your page.
Hannah Babs
"Queen Cece is one of the best in matters of marriage and intimacy in marriage. As a Coach she is generous with her knowledge and constructively critical in her praise. As a coach she taught me to think outside the box and to listen to my heart whenever my head got in the way. My work with Queen Cece opened up new resonances in communicative skills in my marriage and has changed the way that I work and interact with my Spouse".
Chika Onyemelukwe

Now that you know what to expect, what are you waiting for?

Oh Wait! Have I introduced myself to you yet? I think not.

There you go!

A little eye candy

Meet Your Coach

I am CECILIA AGU, I’m very passionate about building happy homes using Godly principles. I say it as it is and take a no-nonsense, tough love approach to all marital and pre-marital issues.

I am the creator and host of BEDROOM MATTERS and one of the most sort after speakers who speaks to a wide range of audience about God, marriage and sex.

I am an online course for couples creator and author of 2 books “5 sizzling sex positions and 8 sex languages” I have been featured at the BESPOKE LIFESTYLE SOCIAL, THE WOMEN WITH STORIES which was featured on the GUARDIAN WOMAN, TedX, House on the rock church Abuja, HOW TO MAKE LOVE CONFERENCE and so much more!

I have currently helped over 8,000 couples add spice and sizzle to their marriage to the Glory of God.

From a rape survivor who hated sex in the early years of marriage to becoming the BEDROOM MATTERS BOSS, serving the world with my MESSage!

I am married to Amanna Agu  my support system and biggest fan, and we are blessed with 4 adorable children.

I am a Certified Relationship & Marriage Counselor, an intimacy and sex educator, a Sexpert and a Clinical Sexologist.

And The Guest Coaches

Jessica Sampson is a licensed clinical sexologist,diplomat by training, an author, a marriage counselor, a fitness enthusiast and the founder at the The Intimacy Masters and Naturally Made Centre, also the Lead Consultant for Secretceres Nigeria, a feminine hygiene and intimacy product company based in Indonesia.

Nneka Cynthia Umuteme (Nekky), also known as the Body Confidence Chick, is a Dance, Fitness and Body confidence coach. Her work focuses on helping women look, feel, and become confident, fit and sexy.

 MONEME CHRISTIANA is a desert chef and an alumni of the Revamp Challenge. She is been married for 9years with  2kids.

She will be our resident and accountability coach on the challenge.

Obis Oragwu is an award winning fashion influencer who loves to see women winning and looking so good while at it.

She is an amazing wife, a mum of two, a serial entrepreneur,  fashion and lifestyle teacher for young ladies, wives and mothers.

Peace Jonathan is a wife, mum, lover of Christ. A business management personnel, Internationally certified perfumer and one of the brains behind Majesticroobee where we elevate smell game of queens using our unique fragrance blends and plat based feminine care products range.

We have successfully helped over a thousand women globally to achieve renewed confidence in themselves and improve their relationships.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers
Where is this challenge held?

It takes place on whatsapp but you also receive e-mails in your inbox.

Is there a payment plan?

Unfortunately there is none! However, we encourage people to save towards it. You can also request our account details if you want to deposit gradually till your fee is completed. But that should be done within a month.

How much of my time is required daily?

We require between 30 to 60 minutes of your time daily to ask any questions. learn from nuggets being dropped in the group and results being submitted! This is truly a small price to pay for the happiness of your marriage.

At least 75% participation is required. So If you can’t commit to this, then wait till you can.

Will this challenge work for me?

This challenge works for every woman who puts her mind to it and invests the time required as much as the fee she has paid. If you take action and do not have any unresolved issues with your husband, IT WILL WORK FOR YOU!

Do I have to carry out all the tasks?

It is not compulsory to carry out all tasks, we encourage you to do them though. But do what you’re comfortable doing. The goal is to keep things fresh and fun in the bedroom and everywhere else. lol. 

Do I have access to the lead coach?

Yes you do few days weekly in the group. It is a group challenge, not a private one.

Lacking Regular Intimacy & Sex in Your Marriage?

Join the 21 Days Revamp Me Challenge. A Romance & Sex Conscious Group for Wives!

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