Here Is A List For Our Books

What’s the way to a woman’s heart?

Often, it starts with a sweet word.

We ladies may not be carried away with many things, but a well-placed, romantic text often does the trick. The perfect flirty text for her can spark the fire and flirtation.

But what do you say?

Sometimes the words don’t come easily. Well, don’t you worry, because we’ve put together a list of nearly 300 flirty texts for her.

These are text messages that are perfect for the lady in your life, with options for new relationships and crushes all the way to old married couples.

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Loving someone is a choice we all make and like every other commitment, love is hard work. It requires the investment of quality time, sharing of gifts, acts of kindness, words of affirmation, and physical touch.


For marriage not to be a form of a cage filled with boring routines. Couples have to devise ways to sweep their partners off their feet every day.


One of the methods I have learned to employ is to send flirty text messages to my husband especially when he is at work.


Imagine your husband is busy at work, and out of the blues, a text message pops up on his phone, reminding him of how much you love him and are eager to be with him -your guess is as good as mine!


Your husband will all through that day have his mind fixed on you, and after work, rush home to you.


There are several flirty messages l have been using in recent times, that I am willing to share with you.


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From experience, I understand the need to prevent boredom in marriage. Engaging in fun-filled activities enhances satisfaction levels regardless of how many years you’ve been married.

I’ve seen many couples struggle to find a solution because they failed to discuss the topic and develop viable strategies.

That is why I have put together this book to help couples have fun activities, bond and become better couples


So in this FREE e-book, you will discover fun things as a couple when you are bored.

You can literally be the most beautiful wt around, or the smartest or the funniest around and still push away your man without any logical reason, because what makes a man want to be with you and stay there is how he feels around you.

Men genuinely couldn’t care less about your additional qualities ( your degree, your intelligence, your social status) as much as they would care about how you make them feel.

You see, men rarely get to feel anything outside of a romantic relationship, most of the time they are into Doing Mode, so what they crave most is a presence that make them feel something powerful.

And this is what you will learn in the ” Better Lover Ebook”.

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🎯Intentionally taking time to spend with your spouse to set goals gives you the opportunity to reconnect and intentionally take time to learn about your spouse.

🎯Setting goals with your spouse allows you to strengthen your marriage by giving time to identify and address possible areas of weakness, challenges, and opportunities for growth in the new year.

🎯Writing your goals together allows you to have a tangible list of things that you are working towards TOGETHER.

This is so helpful to remind you both that you are in this thing called life together – you’re on the same team.

🎯By setting goals with your spouse, you allow yourself to put your individual goals in larger context of your marriage and family.

This allows you to create a better working plan to get both family and individual goals accomplished.
Your spouse can be your best accountability partner and cheerleader in accomplishing your goals.

🎯When you are working towards something together, you are able to celebrate all the big [and small] victories together.

🎯Setting goals together allows you the opportunity to re-asses and update your goals as needed throughout the year.

To get this done without much hassle, get your goal setting planner.

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